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These included 769 (XBD 769J) one of the series 2 Bristol VRs that had been rebuilt to series 3 specifications by United Counties.Fellow Flickrite nolowfloors tell me that this vehicle, following withdrawal by LDT was donated to Luton Borough Council for conversion to playbus, but as no sponsor could be found it was subsequently sold to Whiting, Carlton for scrap in July 1991.Anotrher view of former London Country Leyland Tiger TP1 (A101 EPA) shows it back at its original depot, Hemel Hempstead, on a 300 service to St. Forty two vehicles were involved and all were quickly renumbered into the LDT series.

They look at core traits, such as emotional temperament and social style, as well as vital attributes including values, beliefs and key experiences, to help you find your soul mate.

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But online dating comes with its own set of hazards and horrors. Her date, who was getting certified in acupuncture, whipped out a set of needles in the middle of the first date and stabbed her in the hand. All of which makes it more likely that you can get naked later on. The second episode is filmed, but they need some funding to bring it to us, and to make more online dating horror-story hilarity!