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Take a look at each, and be sure to catch brand-new episodes of "Catfish" when Nev Schulman and Max Joseph return on Wednesday, July 8 at 10/9c!My name is Heather Corus, but everyone who knows me calls me Pixie, since I'm fae otherkin and it stuck.

View Of Vampi(y)rism: I'm not totally sure, since I'm a donor and not a vampire. Lord and Lady both know that I would probably be bored to tears otherwise, and possibly get involved in something bad for me to get rid of the excess energy I create/absorb.

Currently, I'm thinking it's most likely a combination of biology and mystical cat-dirt. And, if not for the community, I'd not have some of the friends I have, nor the vamp I currently donate to. Honestly, it's like there's a dividing line between each type, branch, etc. And the Swans are left on the sidelines watching all the brouhaha, and trying to avoid the shrapnel.

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