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The Adamson family lived in Dade and Lawrence Counties.

Aid, Joseph, Papers, 1863-1921 (C0200) MICROFILM 4 folders Genealogical material on Aid and Miller families; Civil War military papers; and Aid's correspondence with wife and sons, 1863-1864, concerning Civil War, rations, places of interest, battles, and home news of Chillicothe, Ohio.

They murmured and complained if asked to do anything hard. It is a wonderful aspiration for those of us who are older to make the vision of true manhood a reality in our lives and be models for those who look to us for an example.

They didn’t accept anyone’s authority to correct them. They easily resorted to violence, and they were good at playing the victim. Some act as if a man’s highest goal should be his own pleasure. In large measure, true manhood is defined in our relationship to women.

You can see that this would make ironing (of which there was a great deal in our family of five boys) much easier, especially for a woman with limited use of her arm.