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We did it right before the holidays to raise money for the school and there was a little party just next door to the theater, and we all sat around and had a few drinks, and he said, “I think I’d like you to play my therapist on my show,” because I was playing a therapist in the reading, and I was like “that would be great! And I said, “Here’s someone who is your doppelganger, someone who looks just like you.” And she said, “Is her name Elaine? But people do have that thing, like the scene in the bar is this idea too, that you can be mistaken for someone else here in the city. And that’s what people are missing in what they watch; a lot of television lacks who people are, right?

”I couldn’t wait, because I thought what he was doing was something that was missing on television. Or, like, I met a girl outside of a cafe and I thought she was someone else, and I was like, “Are you …? It can be read as like she’s someone who desperately needs to have a drink or not. Acting is a really strange thing to do, it’s very strange. And that’s because it’s a formatted genre, mostly procedural, but comedies have a format to them too.

But suspicions were raised after the 60-year-old was seen on set yesterday, and was clearly filming a scene (above)!

Willis was in costume, sitting in a car behind a camera with Jesse Eisenberg, being directed by Allen!

Parker’s character turned out to be both darker and more complex than Louie guessed, energetic but also sad, possibly an alcoholic, and carrying around an untold amount of psychic baggage.