Who is kendall from big time rush dating

“I mean just losing your mind over a girl is pretty crazy anyway because it’s amazing how quickly that happens.

Cooking, I feel like sometimes I do that to try to impress, but also sometimes it can do damage because if you’re too good at cooking then a girl’s like ‘Oh my God, it’s amazing!

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Kendall Schmidt is an actor and member of the boy band Big Time Rush, who plays Kendall Knight on the Nickelodeon series Big Time Rush.

He has appeared in numerous TV roles, including guest appearances on ER, Gilmore Girls, and CSI: Miami.

Well, he’s been up to a lot lately with his friend Dustin Belt.

I was so excited to sit down with Kendall, and seriously, he’s just as adorable as you think he’d be in person. ) We asked him all about dating and got some great tips: What’s the best dating advice you can give to teen girls? Just skip it, like the bad guy is never gonna be good in any situation. Maybe it’s just because I was always the nice guy so…

It’s like ‘Okay, she had a bad choice with the one guy.