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Although the Internet has ideas of its own of course.

The Doctor has pretty much always regenerated as a white male, so many think it’s time to diversify by having a woman or male of color join the ranks.

'That's so rock 'n' roll", observes Hayley Atwell cheerily when I tell her that the room we had been loaned at a private club is no longer available because Suggs – a member, unlike us, and therefore unmoveable – is in there, snoozing on the sofa.

In contrast to the Madness frontman, Atwell arrives looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, despite jet-lag and twisting her knee while out jogging, her brown eyes and honeyed skin off-set by a carefully-chosen-that-morning, she says, red chemise.

after the 2016 Christmas Special, speculation began to surface on who could possibly be the next Time Lord.