Accommodating resistance machines

Isokinetic exercises are performed at a dynamic preset fixed speed (ranging from 1 degree per second to approximately 1000 degrees per second) with resistance that is accommodating throughout the range of motion (ROM).

Accommodating resistance means that Isokinetic exercise is the only way to dynamically load a muscle to its maximum capability throughout every point in the ROM.

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Over thirty years ago in a small factory in Frenso, a pair of brothers set out to make pumping iron passé.

The product that emerged had no weights, pins, or pulleys; the resistance came entirely from compressed air, or pneumatics.

His original method consisted of lifting a calf each day until it reached its full growth, and this technique provides probably the first example of progressive resistance exercises.

Today, it is well documented in the literature that the size of skeletal muscle is affected by the amount of muscular activity performed.

An open kinetic chain exercise has limited functional carry over.