Fuck sites

Fuck your noise cancelling headphones and Pomodoro timers, your fucking to-do lists, apps, notes, sticky notes, and God knows what else. Robot is kind of like you, because you like to geek out on that shit. Keep laughing about how HBO’s Silicon Valley is realistic instead of asking why. I never had to shift a bit in a C array in my life! Fucking DAU’s, WAU’s, MAU’s, ARPU, LTV, CPM, CPI, CPC, PPC, CPA, CTR, SEO, ASO, Yo Y, Wo W, Fuck over Fuck. And the fucking networking events, my fucking lord.

Shit, you woke up at , meditated for 30 minutes, reviewed your quarterly and yearly “goals” for another 30 minutes, and slurped on a delicious Soylent shake while checking daily retention trends. Who the fuck thinks of these stupid fucking questions?

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Over time, Feed Burner got purchased by Google and subsumed into the Google machine.

At some point, a few years ago, anyone still using Feed Burner had all links in those RSS feeds automatically switched to using Google's URL shortener.

WASHINGTON—Systematically eliminating any resistance to his new position as the president’s chief of staff, John Kelly moved through the White House on Friday rooting out any remaining Reince Priebus sympathizers hiding in tunnels throughout the residence.

WASHINGTON—After persistent efforts by Republicans to wipe out the healthcare law over the past seven years, experts warned Wednesday that the repeated attempts at eradicating Obamacare may have created an ultra-resistant super law.

(public post) i’m on a three-hour drive from duisburg to mannheim, about to play the very last show (Maifeld Derby Festival) of the edward/amanda “i can spin a rainbow” tour. the official video for Grown Man Cry, directed by australian director Steven Mitchell Wright (The Danger Ensemble).