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When changes to this information occur, the changes should also be filed within 15 days after the change has happened by filing a notice of change.Often when you are required to provide your current Company information for reasons such as opening a Small Business Banking Account, for obtaining a loan or for the purpose of signing legal documents that pertain to your Corporation, the current Company Information that includes the Director’s, Officer’s and Address of the Company will be required and should be current.

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Throughout the life of a corporation, changes are likely to occur.

Even where there have been no changes, annual minutes or resolutions of the shareholders and directors will be required to confirm re-election of directors, re-appointment of officers and auditors, waiver of audit, if applicable, and approval of financial statements.

Diligence in keeping the records up-to-date is important for a number of reasons: For these reasons, we recommend that clients have our offices manage or assist them with updates and proper maintenance of the records and that accounting advisors be instructed to report to our offices on a timely basis on the information needed to permit the necessary updates to be documented.

You will be able to run efficient board meetings, issue notices to shareholders, transfer stock and much, much more with the forms included in this package.