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In 2014, Major League Baseball instituted the “Buster Posey rule” aimed at decreasing both the amount and the severity of home plate collisions.

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I have tried going into my settings, and I have as my homepage and even after managing my search engines in Chrome so that Yahoo is not listed it continues to stay like this. Start your browser and search for: Yahoo start page keeps showing up after uninstall One of the following is shown: How to remove virus that keeps showing up? I would recogment to backup Google Chrome and reinstall Google Chrome. When installing skype and some other programs like java, be sure to check for additional installations.

I have gone to control panel as well but there is no yahoo engine installed, even under another name. These programs like to install 3rd party crap like the yahoo toolbar or the ask toolbar. Go into chrome's addons/extensions and disable or remove the yahoo stuff.

Hedges held onto the ball for the out, but had to leave the game with a thigh an “egregious” violation of the rule." data-reactid="18"The league decided to take a closer look at the play following post-game comments by Padres manager Andy Green. It’s reliant on the umpire’s interpretation, meaning the same play could result in a different ruling based on whoever is behind the plate.