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I download this app and have came across multiple videos of questionable aged people takeing off their clothes.

The owners of this app seriously need to do something about their security!!! Technical wise, eg; best screen size & picture quality.

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Brendan Maclean, “House of Air” (extremely NSFW)I cannot stress enough that, for now, this video should not be viewed in any public setting unless maybe you’re at a sex party or just really don’t give a fuck about making other people uncomfortable.

Brendan Maclean’s “anthropological study of gay semiotics, , and sexual behaviors” — a.k.a. This video got banned from You Tube and Facebook for its explicit depiction of the history of gay men initiating and having sex, which includes all the things you think it does, plus probably some stuff you’ve never thought of at all.

She first described her encounter to the New York in May, and then gave a more extensive interview to NBC.

Claims: Mc Dowell says she met Trump at a pageant rehearsal, and he “embraced me and gave me a kiss on the lips,” she told NBC.

If the good videos we’ve already seen this year are any indication, though, it’s no longer the fault of the format, but the artists using it — there are, of course, always exceptions, as you’ll see below.