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MANSFIELD, MA—Increasingly anxious at the distance between the lead vocalist and center stage, concertgoers told reporters Tuesday that they were worried Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd might not make it back to the microphone in time for the third chorus of “Wish You Were Here.” LOS ANGELES—Unexpectedly penning lyrics about colorful autumn foliage and summer cottages on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, alternative rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers accidentally wrote a song about New Hampshire, sources reported Friday.EDISON, NJ—Citing creative differences that had been festering for at least a decade, Chuck E. Munch confirmed Wednesday that he had left the band to form a new prog-rock outfit, The Mr. BRISTOL, CT—Saying that their combative, antagonistic relationship remains as strong as ever, ESPN commentator Stephen A. The first cut, “Motion Sickness” can be heard via a lyric video – directed by her brother, Jackson Bridgers – now above.

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' And then I thought, 'Well, I guess we'll start a band.'" The pair bonded over a shared obsession with scary stuff like ghosts, monsters, and zombies, and set out to create a spooky musical theater production, "a Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire kind of show," as Gosling described it.

Somewhere along the way, the "theater production" aspect of it fell to the wayside, but the songs remained.

In the clip, Gosling and Shields lead a bunch of kids, all dressed in Halloween costumes, through a spare acoustic lament. The pair were nervous and excited to talk about the band, and they seem genuinely committed to the project, which is a labor-intensive D. "Zach was wearing high heels when I first met him, and we were forced to live in the same house on the first day," Gosling explained, laughing.

"I thought, 'Who is this guy, what am I going to do with this character?

An Oscar-nominated Hollywood heartthrob and his best friend round up a bunch of instruments-- some of which they don't know how to play-- and a massive children's choir and make a concept album about the supernatural. You might have seen their My Space page, or a video for their song "In the Room Where You Sleep" floating around the web recently. While listening to tracks from the Dead Man's Bones album at the office, I've been asked by co-workers if I'm listening to Bryan Ferry or something by the Arcade Fire. Earlier this week, Gosling and Shields gave Pitchfork their first-ever interview about Dead Man's Bones. I made a couple movies because I had to, but this is all we do." Gosling and Shields met in 2005; Gosling was dating actress Rachel Mc Adams (his co-star in ) and Shields was dating her sister Kayleen.