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Chatting online can forge new relationships and keep you in touch with your acquaintances.

There is a large online community of anonymous strangers and unfiltered, unmoderated discussions.

The local law-enforcement agency shall obtain from the person who presents himself for registration a sample of his blood, saliva or tissue taken for DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) analysis to determine identification characteristics specific to the person.

If a sample has been previously taken from the person, as indicated by the Local Inmate Data System (LIDS), no additional sample shall be taken.

Ceop already tries to police the internet, investigating 400 reports every month from children experiencing some form of abuse online.

The Home Office said it had been in talks with internet firms including My Space, Bebo, Facebook, Piczo and Yahoo.

Predators use chat rooms as a hunting ground to locate their victim. Is there a child of the sex and age they are looking for in the chat rooms?