Developing validating rapid assessment instruments

This book provides an overview of scale and test development.From conceptualization through design, data collection, analysis, and interpretation, critical concerns are identified and grounded in the increasingly sophisticated psychometric literature.

developing validating rapid assessment instruments-13

This study presents a methodology for a rapid assessment of primary care organizations and service delivery in China. The study translated and adapted the Primary Care Assessment Tool-Adult Edition (PCAT-AE) into a Chinese version to measure core dimensions of primary care, namely, first contact, continuity, comprehensiveness, and coordination.

A cross-sectional survey was conducted to assess the validity and reliability of the Chinese Rapid Primary Care Assessment Tool (CR-PCAT).

Measurement within the health, social, and behavioral sciences is addressed, and technical and practical guidance is provided.

Acknowledging the increasingly sophisticated contributions in social work, psychology, education, nursing, and medicine, the book balances condensation of complex conceptual challenges with focused recommendations for co ...

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