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Based on an popular series in Britain, “First Dates” (debuting 7 p.m.

The remains of cats have been found mummified in Egypt, in Viking graves and in various sites in the Mediterranean.

The research team, led by Claudio Ottoni of the University of Leuven, in Belgium, teased DNA out of the remains of 209 ancient cats dating back as far as 8,500 years ago.

The news that Tamron Hall is leaving NBC after 10 years with the network when her contract expires later this month has caused outrage among many on social media. If they had any clue, @Tamron Hall would be co-hosting Today.'There is still no word on where Hall may be heading next, and how long she might have to stay off the air due to any non-compete clauses in her NBC contract.

That is due in large part to the fact that Hall's decision comes just one week after she was told that NBC would be cancelling her time slot on Today to make way for Megyn Kelly when she joins the network later this year.'Not a good way to start Black History Month @ NBC letting @Tamron Hall go. A source familiar with the discussions between Hall and the network told Daily 'NBC News very much wanted Tamron to stay, she was offered a multi-million dollar/multi-year contract and she chose to go.'In a statement on Wednesday, Hall thanked everyone at the network for all they had done for her over the years.

The first episode includes a few awkward moments, like when Kenny learned Christina had been in the U. Navy and said, “You’re so pretty, for somebody in the military.” His irritated date zinged back with, “What? ”Then there’s the apparent “player,” Mike, who stunned his date, Alyssa (a serial dater and Tinder aficionado), when she learned he’s a virgin at age 23.