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I’ve been on omegle for less than a week in general and I must say I was positively surprised.there are a lot of creepy dudes of course but if you are patient you will find a lot of genuinely kind and interesting people.I myself have been lucky so far and I've had even a 2 hour conversation with a super cool girl.

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So this site really gave me more confidence and skills of how to have a fun conversation with strangers.

There are of course many people that will skip you but that doesn't matter, there will be many that won't and you can potentially end up having fun time and a new friend with them.

I just think we need to clean it up and make it a little more detailed. PS: The greatest joy I’ve ever had is making a match and [the couple] falling in love and inviting me to the wedding. You can’t be corporate and lead with your resume—Linked In is not going to get you a date. PS: Financially secure, and maybe successful—I’ve never dated a successful guy. So many men don’t know how to kiss; they watch too much porn and think that’s the way we want to be made love to.

There’s no greater high, even with sex or drugs, because you’ve helped two people come together.

I also think people want that VIP millionaire experience—I think there’s an aspiration to them. Whether you’re a regular Joe or a millionaire, everybody has a tough time finding love. PS: We’re really breaking [through] tough issues—psychological behavior, childhood issues, abandonment, all that stuff—so it’s super-healthy. Lisa was a really great matchmaker, but we used to fight all the time, and I said, God, this is a reality show. Why do you think Chicago is a great city for singles?