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So, instead of trying to convince you of fact that white women do actually date yellow men, I’m just going to show you a video.

And yes, there are Asian women out there who subscribe to the “I’m not attracted to Asian dudes/I only date white dudes” philosophy (fuck ‘em, they don’t know what they’re missing).

These are still problems that need addressing so I understand why some of you might feel that an Asian women dating a white guy is a hypocrite and has forfeited her right to speak for the community.

For instance, I know many Asian men that refuse to stick up for Asian women for this reason alone.

They view this situation as a betrayal of the utmost degree and their own rational for not supporting Asian women is thus deemed warranted.

birthday, I learned the valuable lesson “Love is not enough.” It wasn’t a personal learning experience – I Just witnessed the fallout between friends.