Updating a passport 8500

After these evaluations, we gave the Escort Passport 9500ix an A- for detection performance.

It has a very low ratio of negative reviews and has been one of the most popular radar detectors for over a decade.

Eye catching terms--such as HD (high definition), radar DNA, advanced digital processing, NASA-based, and military-grade technology--were ascribed to the Passport Max's new capabilities, capabilities yet to be seen in any consumer-grade radar detector.

The result was to be a radar detector possessing extreme range and quickness while being the most sophisticated at filtering out false alerts--the bane of all radar detector users. More than bold claims, to be sure, but quite believable at the time of the Max's launch, as the Escort Passport Max followed hot on the heels of the release of, unarguably, the highest performing dash-mount radar detector ever produced--the revised Escort Redline Expert Edition.

Enthusiast forums were buzzing with the idea of a new ├╝ber high-end radar detector that promised to exceed the performance of the Escort Redline while providing the advanced GPS capabilities of Escort's Passport 9500ix and Beltronics GX65 radar detectors.