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If I am pulling records for one day or even maybe a week, it runs at a decent pace, but once you get a month of data or more, it takes a fairly long amount of time. Is there possibly a better way that I can code this?

I can't imagine this is the optimal coding for data table update operations, but it might be.

In this article I will explain how to get the selected rows of Grid View with Check Box in ASP. The idea is to have a button which when clicked, a loop will be executed over Grid View Rows. Net Grid View with Check Box in the Template Field column of Grid View.

Within the loop we will check whether the Check Box for that row is checked, if the Check Box is checked then the Value from the Grid View Row Cell and Cell controls like Label, Text Box, Drop Down List, etc. There’s a Button that will fetch the selected rows of Grid View and will display the same in another Grid View below it.

Load Data(out out Col Collection, out out Row Collection); foreach(Ranorex. Imagine my CSV file is as such : Column A; Column B; Column C; Value A1; Value B1; Value C1; Value A2; Value B2; Value C2; Value A3; Value B3; Value C3; How can i update the Value B2 for example ? I tried putting these two ligns inside the foreach (just to see what will happen) but i get an error telling me i can't modify a collection while parsing it.