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I said sure, assuming that he was working for a charity and hadn’t had much luck attracting donors during rush hour in the dead of winter.

(I did a similar, soul-crushing job in college.) I waited for his pitch about poverty, child soldiers or land mines, but it never came.

It will constitute a great chance to bring our discourse into an international setting.

The theme of the seminar will be Gender, design and market.

Wouldn't it be nice if we also have a platform that connects people from different churches and denominations across GTA, where you meet other Christians in the community to connect, share, and expand your horizon, Christian circle, and influence?

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    For example, in Ocarina of Time, the Forest Temple and Medallion were supposed to be the Wind Temple and Medallion. Please take this Quilted Shirt as a reward for your tenacity.

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    Despite very impressive and powerful measurement and characterization tools, physical and chemical analysis methods, the dating of rocks by using radioactive elements depends on very basic assumptions.

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    The date is formally recognized by national governments around the world, and world leaders and health officials join organizations and community members in events designed to educate on preventative measures, support those living with the disease, and memorialize those who have lost their lives.