Dating aggression

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Differential gender mortality has been a documented problem for decades and led to reports in the early 1990s of 100 million “missing women” across the developing world.

Since that time, improved health care and conditions for women have resulted in reductions in female mortality, but these advances have now been offset by a huge increase in the use of sex-selective abortion, which became available in the mid-1980s.

Psychology last year recognised "cute aggression" as a thing; that strange, purely hypothetical, compulsion to nibble a baby, or, as a colleague said to me the other day, "dropkick that puppy he's so cute".

The same team of researchers who established the term have now expanded on it in a new paper in Psychological Science, explaining why humans feel such paradoxical, violent urges towards things they enjoy.

The lion must do this because its nature is to be aggressive.