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It would be like a black guy being offended by the “big penis” stereotype, right?

However, if we’re going to have a discussion about how girls respond to a “white guy,” then it’s only logical to admit that the only person who can be true knowledge of this is a white guy.

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When Buzz Feed recently sourced questions for its “Ask An Asian” video on Facebook, more than 7,000 responses came in.

One of the comments was “Are there any fat Asian people?

If you’re not a white guy, then your opinion on how people respond to “white guys” can only be that of a spectator.

To make an analogy, imagine you heard people say over and over, “Waitresses at Denny’s restaurants hate black guys.” Now ask yourself whose opinion on this would matter: An individual waitress who works at one Denny’s, a random customer who’s gone to Denny’s a few times, or a black guy who’s gone to Denny’s twice a day everyday for three years straight in every state in the entire country?

Obviously the black guy is the only person who can truly know what it’s like to be a black guy right?

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