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It’s outfitted with hydraulic lifts to adjust the height.

Radial whitewall tires were a hot luxury item in the ’70s, especially on muscle cars. 89 on AFI’s list of the “100 Funniest Movies of All Time.” Film website recently named The Jerk the number one most underrated comedy of all time. Johnson was named the number two best movie idiot of all time by pop culture site

For a man who rose to stardom through comedy, he was clearly taking the biggest risk of his career. He had to learn dramatic acting – from the director, Herbert Ross – and take tap-dancing lessons for months, well into the production of the film.

He had to accept what amounted to a year's retirement from, to put it mildly, a wildly successful comedy career.

And he even had to butt up against his own friend and manager, Bill Mc Euen.