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By Erin Burnett Since Iceland's financial collapse in 2008, the country has debated whether it should stick with the krona or adopt the currency of another country. The day america has no more money to fund their lavish spendatures for their military the military will crumble.

The obvious choice seems to be for Iceland to submit to, say, oil-rich Norway or maybe even join the EU and adopt the euro. And it’s a little "loonie." That's right: Iceland might adopt the Canadian dollar as its official currency. America is the second largest nuclear state in the world and has the capacity to make itself the first. Although Canada will suffer greatly, we are strong enough and independent enough to carry on, on our own.

There are precedents, of course – El Salvador and Ecuador have both adopted the U. dollar in the past – and, on paper, the decision seems to make sense for both Canada and Iceland. delayed the Keystone pipeline, Prime Minister Stephen Harper went to China to discuss redirecting its oil (Canada is the sixth-largest oil-producing nation in the world) to the Pacific coast – where China's ships are waiting. be worried that Canada is bailing out other countries? Ahem, Let's start with just the uneducated response of your comment. Finally lets judge as to why America has in the past reigned it's star spangled fists over Canada. we would lose a great trade partner and military ally but Canada's independence on a global scale is obviously undermined.

We set out with a fresh wind on our starboard quarter, and for some time spanked along at a great rate, never dreaming of danger, for indeed we saw not the slightest reason to apprehend it.