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Of course, how could he when the stress of the upcoming fatherhood is in his shoulders.

But he says that he has banned the smoking itself from the house.

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However, he came back later and said they would rather remain friends.

Angered she told him to go away saying he will be ‘back for more.” On Tuesday, Justine Skye caused some sort of stir online tweeting I don’t know why I tricked myself into thinking you were different, you play games for a living.

Amber Rose was born October 21, 1983 in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In her time as a model, recording artist and actress she's released her own line of eye wear, made cameos in various reality shows and music videos including Nicki Minaj's Massive Attack, Fabolous' You Be Killin' Em and Wiz Khalifa's No Sleep and released her own music with songs, Fame and Loaded. The story between Amber and Kanye goes that Kanye spotted Amber when she was in the music video What Them Girls Like. Amber claims Kanye cheated on her with Kim Kardashian.

Wiz Khalifa girlfriend who is a model has confirmed her pregnancy recently and Wiz Khalifa as a proud father was standing next to her when she announced the news.