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Nonetheless, it wasn’t until I started going out with my fiancé, who happens to be Caucasian, that I began to see a new side to racial discrimination in Singapore.

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The results of the phylogenetic analysis also indicate a highly significant differentiation between the American and Eurasian mt DNA lineages, whereas a single Kamchatkan cluster of mt DNA haplotypes is recognized in the Eurasian mt DNA clade with high confidence.

Molecular dating shows that separation of the ancestral stoat population occurred approximately 1.3–1.6 million years ago, but the Eurasian mt DNA lineages diverged about 300 ka ago.

The ice sheets in these regions are key elements in paleoclimatic models and play a vital role in the reconstruction of a continuous paleoenvironmental record.

Special effort was devoted to the correlation of records from different sources across the Arctic. Thiede, Jörn & Bauch, Henning (1999) The Late Quaternary history of northern Eurasia and the adjacent Arctic Ocean: an introduction to QUEEN.

I was acutely aware of this growing up, when I was mocked by some of my peers for having dark skin and curly hair.