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The second disc offers a more astringent view, from her ruthless attitude towards her "Sidedish Friend" and the old flame fallen on hard times in "Accident", to the bitter warning that brings things to a close, "Don't fuck me in front of me".

Hong Kong’s biggest annual music & art festival is the talk of the town this week, and we can’t wait to head on over to the West Kowloon Cultural District to check out all the amazing local and international acts.

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So this is fantastic that we even have a fruit platter available. I finally think I figured out how to express the optimism that I feel in life into art. 1, 2016 photo, singer Rachael Yamagata, center, poses with Josh Radnor, director of Yamagata's music video for her song "Let Me Be Your Girl," and actress Allison Janney, who appears in the video, at H. 1, 2016 file photo, singer Rachael Yamagata poses for a portrait at H.

Yamagata: This is one of those like put your windows down, drive, songs of joy. My sort of calling card in music has always been these troubadour of heartbreak, get-your-soul, emotional breakup songs. Yamagata: Almost like Tom Waits and Nick Cave meet Roberta Flack. There's saxophones and banjos and drumming on ladders in the middle of the woods and French spoken word. I keep describing it as if you're thinking of quitting anything then this might be the record for you.

But it’s hard to spot any such linearity between the individual sets: the treatments are similar throughout – a creamy blend of pedal steel and restrained guitar interplay, augmented occasionally by horn arrangements – and the themes are likewise sustained across the 30 songs.

On many, Dylan is the victim, a fool for love hiding his heartbreak behind a facade of indifference or, as the “boulevardier” of “When The World Was Young”, a mask of nonchalant gaiety.

­ My family has been the most important influence in my life.