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Then I had to give myself a mental puck in the head and stop making a dramatisation out of a very simple situation.

Every day I read about and observe interpersonal relationships.

I know what he likes, but he’s SO picky, which makes things complicated. If your BF is into the same thing, get him the DVD so he can watch it whenever he wants. You can buy this from Amazon for $15.99 After Beats headphones, Skull Candy definitely makes the best earbuds ever. They have amazing sound and literally block out every other noise around you. You can buy these at Best Buy for $19.99 If your boyfriend is always at the gym working out or plays sports, get him this water bottle.

If you’re in the same boat, don’t worry: I’ve got some great options for you, no matter what you want to spend. It conveniently holds your i Phone, which is great, because then you don't have to worry about it in your pocket or something. You can buy this from Fancy for $20 For the guys out there who love cars and are obsessed with their own - this Armor All kit is a perfect gift.

Regardless of whether you need to clip a stray nail or freshen up after dinner out, all social and appearance safety item are contained within a kit that can be kept in your car.