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How you treat each is so vastly different, I find it jarring to go from one extreme to another.

I haven't had a FMM, but I'm certainly not opposed to it.

"It was too much pressure."Once rumored to be the stuff of legends and the type of thing you'd only read about in a Marquis de Sade novel, threesomes are far more common than you might think. The new tool is making it easier than ever to find a third partner to join you in bed.

While many straight men have dreamed and longed for the day that they might have two women at once, but thinking the possibility was moot, a lot of women are actually down with them. So we asked both men and women who have had a threesome (or two or three) in their lives what lessons they learned from them.1.

"The Switch" is the 97th episode of NBC sitcom Seinfeld. George has dinner with Nina; she devours the food and then excuses herself to the bathroom to "freshen" herself.