Mba and dating

That same study put the median age for first marriage at 27 for women and 29 for men; the median age of a Booth student is 27.8.Given those numbers, it’s not surprising that an informal look at alumni data finds well over a thousand current couples who either met at Booth, came to Booth as a couple, or followed one another as students.

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Using our best MBA skills — data analysis, user interviews, grand conclusions drawn from surveys sent to Blast — we left no stone unturned.

Given the amount of discussion on the topic — whispered rumors of couplings, analysis of a possible ambigudate from across the Sports Cafe, focus groups in support of a LOWkeynote — your editorial staff took it upon ourselves to unpack the dating world of the GSB.

First things first: is there even anyone to date at the GSB? Accounting for relationship status upon entry, the numbers remain skewed, with three-quarters of women identifying as single or “sort of” in a relationship upon entry seeking a partner vs. (GSB man can get younger and hotter, women not so much).” Of 103 respondents, 54% agreed that women get a better deal. Alright, so maybe the women of the GSB are at a disadvantage when it comes to finding a partner.

But if our friend is right that those men drawn to an unequal partner are rational, those unintimidated by an intellectual equal should jump at the opportunity to turn a classmate into a romantic mate, right?

But even if the journalist is a financial guru, if they can’t see an engaging story it just won’t resonate with them, and you won’t get the coverage you’re after.