Liveupdate not updating client

Watch Guard recommends you do not change these settings unless instructed to do so by Watch Guard Technical Support.After the Watch Guard SSL device downloads an engine update from the Watch Guard Live Update server, you must reboot the Watch Guard SSL device for the new engine update to take effect.In today’s patch-or-die world, online updates are fast becoming an industry standard.

I'm having troubles chosing the best design for my app.

I'm coding a mobile app and I need to get pictures from my server, and display them using their gps coordinates attributes on a google map using markers.

Hello All, We are about to roll out SEP (symantec enterprise protection) to both our Win and Mac machines on campus.

Based on some of the other posts I have SEP packaged and included the "sylink.xml" file based on if they are labs or workstations to auto join our SEP 12 management server.

What we know so far is that the SEP Manager Server should be set up to provide definition updates to multiple Group Update Providers (GUP's) on the Windows side and then we "may" need to stand up several Live Update Administrator Servers (LUAS) for the Mac side.