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(727) 464-7000 Small Claims, County Civil and Circuit Civil cases are filed, processed and maintained in Civil Court Records.

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The City of Clearwater officials are like a junior high team playing against the pros. I believe the primary motivation for Miscavige wanting the Aquarium lot on the bluff is to keep “wogs” away from the Ft Harrison, Oak Cove and SP Building and that if he doesn’t get that piece of property, the façade plans for Cleveland St will remain just that — a façade of plans, much like those for the Advanced Org in Africa, the ideal org in Detroit or the release of OT IX and X.

Come out and celebrate as local artisans and crafters offer handmade treasures and street performers delight and amaze with spectacular feats of skill while you sink your feet into the sand and danc... re the star at Universal Studios, the number one movie and TV based theme park in the world. ll go behind the scenes, beyond the screen and right into the action of your favorite movies. Bring the little ones to the Radiator Springs - inspired race track to ride electric race cars!

Sim Center Tampa Bay is an indoor entertainment center for the whole family, located in Clearwater, FL. Take the Ferry to Caladesi Island: #1 Beach in America!

I have not had time to comment very extensively on this subject of late.