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Instead of creating a completely new syntax we could have introduced the std Posix extensions. Pity the OP didn't split his question in two separate questions.

The Barrett House, which dates to 1705 and which is a Revolutionary War landmark, has been restored and transferred to Minute Man National Historical Park in Massachusetts. The Barrett Farm long has been eyed for inclusion in the historical park.

A 300-year-old house and its surrounding farm have been restored and added to Minute Man National Historical Park in Massachusetts, bringing to the park a Revolutionary War landmark.

The farm and the Barrett family provide a central link to the story of “the shot heard round the world.” The Barrett property has been farmed continuously from Colonial times to the present, and has been owned by only two families over the past 300 years -- the Barretts for 200 of those years, and the Mc Graths for 100.