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Just like Bro-Country did before it, the big success of something preordains that any artist with an upcoming release must follow along until everyone is chasing the same stupid trend.

My whole career has been one of extreme good fortune.

some people think it's fine, but you know inside of you that it can be done better .

The Buddy Holly Story (performer: "Mockin' Bird Hill" (uncredited), "Rock Around with Ollie Vee" (uncredited), "Peggy Sue" (uncredited), "That'll Be the Day", "Everyday", "Oh Boy!

", "It's So Easy", "Words of Love" (uncredited), "I'm Gonna Love You Too" (uncredited), "Listen to Me" (uncredited), "Rave On" (uncredited), "Well ...

He has released as many as nine studio albums until now and most of his singles have been the top charters on various country music charts and Billboard.