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I was raised in a vegetarian household, and was the product of a vegan pregnancy, but was always allowed to eat meat outside the house if I wanted to.

back to top Burt's Bees produces both cosmetic products and “over-the-counter” or OTC products.

Products such as our sunscreens and anti-acne products are classified by the US FDA as OTC because they contain specific active ingredients known to prevent or treat certain conditions like sunburn and acne.

I think that is totally the right attitude, I feel EXACTLY the same way.

Sometimes I think it would be easier if my husband had the same diet, but not fair of me to change who he is! I cook 100% vegan food, but like you, at birthday parties and grandmas and grandpas etc.

Allergenic Species | Clinical Resources | Environmental | Extract Compatibilities Major Allergens | Manufacturing and Testing | Miscellaneous | Top Botanical Information Sheets (ACAAI 2005 Poster) Botanical information sheets were developed using photos and descriptions to serve as educational tools for allergy practitioners and their patients.