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History proves that the perceived and alleged conflict between use of the terms “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays” as one of religious observance and commercial secularism is specious.

( Like so much of the national dialogue, even this festive period of the calendar has been reduced to a winner-take-all Team Red versus Team Blue game, where it is suggested that the sole purpose of one way of thinking and living is to destroy the other one.

As if one way would be better off existing in a vacuum without even the suggestion of the other.

As if one had not emerged partially in response to the existence of the other. A so-called “war on Christmas” was mounted in the media on the premise that the growing use of the expression “Happy Holidays” was proof that a menacing secularism was seeping into the national consciousness and poisoning the perception of December twenty-fifth as the day that Jesus Christ was born some 2022 years ago this Friday.

BY DANNY KENNY — Fox News talk-show personality Bill O’Reilly thinks the Holidays just won’t be the same without The Tree, Santa, the gifts of appreciation, the mistletoe and holly, etc.