Pics of dick sent thruogh chatmates

‘Once he took me up to his office in New York, showed me his baseball jerseys, and in the brief time I was there, let me know that his office was his favourite place to have sex,’ she wrote on Facebook.In a statement, Fox News confirmed that Bolling had been suspended pending an investigation.And just to make sure people knew Messing didn't find the dick pic amusing in the slightest, she shared a pixelated version of the DM and reminded people to respect women more and not send them unsolicited dick pics.

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The idea of sending out an intimate photo of your genitals to someone you quite fancy is terrifying. Behold the "Dick Code," a way to share a unique and anatomically accurate image of your penis without actually taking a photo of it.

The Dick Code is the handiwork of 28-year-old web developer György Szücs, who wants to enable people to communicate better about their "sexual features." Szücs says the idea for the code came after a friend sent him a picture with drawn penises, where you could choose "the right one for you." He felt that the drawing was "incomplete" and it was "too complicated to communicate the result." So, he developed a website that would be able to accurately convey the unique intricacies of penises "beyond size." Szücs used Adobe Illustrator to create all the images one by one.

Fox News said Saturday that it has suspended Bolling, the co-host of its late-afternoon news program 'The Specialists,' while it investigates the allegations he sent a lewd photo to co-workers.

The network said in a statement that Bolling 'has been suspended pending the results of an investigation' into claims that he sent unsolicited images of his genitals to three female Fox News employees several years ago, The Huffington Post reported Friday evening.

They have dubbed the hack “the Snappening” in reference to the leak of hundreds of pictures of nude celebrities that was referred to as “The Fappening”.