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Assortative mating is beneficial because it increases relatedness in families and can help offspring survive better, so long as the trait under selection, such as a larger size, continues to be beneficial.The Australian team from the University of Queensland in Brisbane utilised large databases that include information on human physical and genetic traits, homing in on a person's genetic markers for traits such as height and body mass index (BMI) in order to predict the corresponding height and BMI of their partner.Narrowing that divide is an important goal for public policy.

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Controlling for other variables, the researchers provided participants with profiles that reflected the political inclinations of others.

They found that people were more likely to choose profiles with political views similar to their own.

The researchers then collected data from an online dating site to test behavior and communication between potential partners in a non-lab setting.

Instances in which a man expressed interest in a woman and she responded positively (a pairing) demonstrated a 10% greater similarity in political ideology than expected by chance.

Also used to describe the process of genetic change within a population, as influenced by natural selection.