Changmin dating minho

Kangin They may in different idol groups, but SM’s ‘85ers U-Know Yunho and Kangin have been close since their trainee days.

Although their respective schedules as top idols have been keeping the boys’ busy, Kangin was among Yunho’s ’85-line friends who showed up to the TVXQ member’s Christmas party with The Celebrity magazine.

You were tried of everything now, it was time to end it, the lies, the possible cheating, the fame, the- you groaned thinking of all the reasons.

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Choi Daniel Actor Choi Daniel is another member of the ’85-line, and a photo of him with U-Know Yunho and other 85ers hanging out surfaced last year, revealing the two stars are close friends and proving once again that the year 1985 birthed many pretty boys. Son Ho Jun Reply 1994’s Son Ho Jun and U-Know Yunho go way back, well before the TVXQ member’s idol days and before the actor hit it big in the tv N drama.

Son Ho Jun, who grew up with Yunho in Gwangju and still calls him his best friend to this day, shared that his idol friend has been with him through thick and thin in a recent , revealing “U-know Yunho visited just to eat with me amid his busy schedules when I was hungry and poor.” He continued to speak highly of the idol star stating, “U-know Yunho always keeps his promises.

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SM Entertainment announced that Minho was playing basketball when he injured his ankle, and unfortunately for fans, they won't be able to see him at the 'SMTOWN Live World Tour IV in Japan Special Edition'.

Really in you head, you were going to say it's over, act totally okay with it and not cry, definitely not cry, but by the looks of it and how you felt when you heard his car drive up, you possibly were.

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