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HMRC wrote to everyone who claimed tax credits in the year 2015/2016 shortly after the end of the tax year (ie 5 April 2016), enclosing an annual review form.

An annual declaration form was also included except where the claimant/s have an ongoing award for Income Support, Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, Income related Employment and Support Allowance, Pension Credit and is/are still receiving one of those benefits for the family element only of Child Tax Credit or a nil award.

Where the child is maintained by one parent only, that parent is entitled to claim the full amount of the tax credit.

However, where the child is maintained by more than one person, the tax credit is divided between them in proportion to the amount paid by each towards the maintenance of the child.

It is not unaspirational to allow the ill to simply be ill.

The emphasis of the current system on “helping” claimants back into work, through work capability assessments, unpaid work experience and the duress of a loss of benefits has been well documented.

Tax Credit (claims and notifications) Regs , reg 7 which would then give her backdated benefit for the period 21/11/08 - 8/2/09 I suspect not but cannot find the relevant legislation - it seems to me that the Tax Credits (Immigarion) regs apply to persons subject to immigration control and someone in the claimant’s position who has been granted refugee status is no longer subject to immigration control - if she cannot benefit from the normal backdating rules because she was, prior to gaining refugee status, subject to immigration control then at what point will she be treated an applicant who can simply get three months backdating para 7 of reg 3 case 5 of the TC (I) regs operates to prevent backdating under reg 7 of the TC(CN)regs.

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