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: Jill Edmondson claims she's not acquainted with fetish parties, or brothels, or phone sex hotlines, all of which her PI, Sasha Jackson, has found herself neck-deep in. (Although wouldn't it be nice if literary success worked that way?

We'll ignore the fact that both Jill and her sleuth are into serious rock music, Toronto night life, and are looking for love (in the case of Sasha Jackson, sometimes in all the wrong places.) And we know Jill is serious about her work - you don't get glowing reviews from the Globe and Mail, the Hamilton Spectator and Ellery Queen by sitting on your duff ogling pictures of half-dressed men.

Also since re-entering the dating world, I’ve developed a new understanding of my relationship with reading and writing.

Let me be clear: This isn’t necessarily about my books.

What worked then, is completely different from what works now. At PDA, we life hack full time, gathering front line intelligence daily.