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Police placed two women -- ages 20 and 22 -- in custody for the slaying of Glenn, a ninth-grade student, starting basketball player and member of the choir at East Junior. East High principal Lowell Winston's new rules that keep boys from wearing earrings and girls from baring their midriffs have gained wide support but angered some students and parents.

From The Commercial Appeal, January 15, 1996 TERRENCE SUTHERLAND [associated with the Class of '97], 16, of Memphis, student at East High School, died of heart failure Saturday at Methodist Hospital North. When the 2,300 students from grades seven though 12 strolled onto the 33-acre campus on Poplar this semester, they were greeted with a three-page code of conduct contractual agreement prepared by the new principal.

9 February 2000Single mother Sophie Price has made a fortune on a cookie recipe and the resulting business.

However she was only able to make this fortune because of the fortune she stole.

Presidents’ Circle members provide vital financial support at the leadership level to help educate deserving students, attract and retain great faculty, and build innovative programs and facilities. Amadio Amaranth Resources Limited Dominick Amato and Joan Hodges American Bar Association Amgen Canada Inc. Analytical Graphics (AGI) Anita Indira Anand Dimitri and Catherine Anastakis Jim Andersen and Michelle Marion John Anderson Margaret L.