Radajaxmanager not updating radgrid

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Here is how my markup ended up being structured: 1) First I declared the Rad Ajax Loading Panel.

This sequence of markup allowed the loading panel animation to display everytime there was a postback to get the detail data without refreshing the entire page within Share Point.

Hope that helps someone out there - according to the forums, it is a known issue and will be in the Q Release, but in the mean time this will correct the issue. Before I dive into the issue and the solution I came up with, you can download the full source code for this post here.

For this example I am using a pretty common situation, listing all of the users with their email address and "IDs": [caption id="attachment_1791" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Telerik Rad Grid with a Page Size of 10[/caption] With the Edit User .

I have added the on Row Data Bound event to the client-side code and all is well now.