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Coming of Age Day or Adult's Day honors every person that has turned 20 years old over the past year.When young people reach twenty they officially become adults in Japanese society and they now have responsibilities as well as newfound liberties: such as being able to drink, smoke, go to hostess bars, gamble and to drive legally. The girls always wear gorgeous and very expensive kimono, although most admit to having rentals as the outfit is worth up to 1,000,000 yen.Figure 1: Two Japanese chat apps steal a device’s phone number.

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In two recent blogs, Mc Afee Labs described Japanese and Korean Android apps on Google Play that steal a mobile device’s phone number.

We have now found two more Japanese chat apps that show similar behavior.

The Japan Rail Pass makes long-distance travel around Japan much more affordable.

The Japan Rail Pass cannot be purchased inside Japan, so must be purchased overseas and reserved from 3 months before intended use.

To be able to purchase a Japan Rail Pass, you must show that you will be a temporary visitor to Japan, and show your passport containing a Temporary Visitor visa stamp before coming to Japan.