Who is kate walsh dating

First off, there's a good chance that if you sit down to dinner with 13 people today, one of you won't be dead within a year.

Unless it's really, really old relative's birthday, then maybe all bets are off.

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, Kate Walsh faces a dilemma that many New England women confront each year—they’re smart, successful and over 40 but have yet to start a family.

Moms in Arlington can relate— that town brags the state’s highest rate of first births to mothers over 40.

Kate studied at the Catalina Magnet High School for three years.

After that, she transferred to the Rincon High School, from where she later accomplished her graduation.

It’s a great lesson in how to have compassion for people that you initially hate." "I remember because I came in at Episode 8 — at that time the morale was really low. It was Doctors and then Surgeons and then Complications and I was like, 'What a bullshit show title! To keep our morale up they started showing us episodes at Friday lunches that were already edited. It was funny, I was on The Today Show and I didn’t know that Taye Diggs was guest-hosting and they showed a little clip of us when Sam and Addison were dating [on Private Practice] and I was like, 'Oh my god, who is that girl? I don’t usually watch myself — I get a little freaked out.