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That was my expectation coming here, so this is, um, better." back in January says that the couple fell for each other while filming the biblical epic, though their relationship status had not been officially confirmed.Jonze – real name Adam Spiegel – is the director of Being John Malkovich and has created music videos for the likes of REM, The Chemical Brothers, the Beastie Boys and Fatboy Slim.

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They broke up two years later but stayed friends and collaborated on songs for Jonze’s brilliant adaptation of “Where the Wild Things Are,” for which they each earned Oscar nominations.

So here’s where we get to “La Brea34’s” Reddit theory about “Her,” which they describe as “a movie about how a relationship could evolve beyond a romantic relationship, but still have love and collaboration.” Let’s allow the writer to explain further in their own words.

Jonze was married to fellow director Sofia Coppola from 1999 to 2003, and Coppola clearly based Giovanni Ribisi‘s character in “Lost in Translation” on her perception of Jonze, which may explain where he got the idea.

After Jonze and Coppola divorced in 2003, he began dating Karen O, who was nine years his junior and just beginning to take off with her band, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

and has also helmed videos for Depeche Mode and Gnarls Barkley. Karen O previously dated director Spike Jonze and Liars frontman Angus Andrew.