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As reality people, at different times we have to start shit, stir the pot, finish the shit.”Stephen fired some shots at the most disliked person in the cast (Cristina Gibson) when he said, “I think I just present the shit on the platter.

I’m like ‘this is really what happened.’ I’m not like Cristina who has to make shit up.” Well, that’s debatable considering that whole story line with Stephen telling Lindsay Hubbard that Everett Weston slept in a bed with four women, but unfortunately we don’t really know what what down with that whole mess at this point.

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Basically, he entered into a relationship with Stacey but struggled to perform sexually.

Later, it emerged that he was struggling with his sexuality when he made a pass at Christian, who rejected him.

And ever since I’ve been living for Stephen Mc Gee’s commentary on all the Summer House antics.

Needless to say, I was pumped to listen to Stassi interviewing Stephen on her podcast.

The four get together one gorgeous afternoon to discuss how they can begin their last summer together.