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I believe that your happiness as an adult should not interfere with the welfare of your children, whenever possible. The fireworks may have fizzled from your marriage and you may not even find your spouse interesting or attractive.But he or she is the father or mother of your children and you should invest considerable time, attention, soul-searching and honest introspection before making a decision to forever change the dynamics and stability of your marriage and your home.

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During flirting, each partner's soul is stirred, thereby enabling the two souls to respond to each other.

Miss Etiquette indicates that the meaning of flirting is to be playfully romantic; to speak or act in a playful or flirting way; or to toy with.

But folks who can commit to living together respectfully when actually desiring to be apart are rare, as this often means putting their own happiness and perceived fulfillment “on hold” until the kids are older or have left the home.

Should parents put the happiness and the welfare of the children before their own?

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