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"Power Rangers," which also stars Bryan Cranston as alien mentor Zordon and Elizabeth Banks as villain Rita Repulsa, hits theaters this Friday. “I know that I could ignite the flame.” You know what’s funny? Less so now, but I still get starstruck when I see her. I might have a little bit of a crush on Amy Poehler, actually. The first time I met her, I remember I went to the nails it, I would love to wear the shit that Jaime wears. And so I was trying to play it cool, like I don’t know if she doesn’t like being looked in the eye, so I came in quietly and sat down in front of her, and she taps me on the shoulder, and says “Arturo, thank you so much for being here,” and she gives me a huge hug, and all that came out of me was “Ha ha! She has this aura of goodness around her, and she’s very attractive, but not in an inappropriate way – please don’t fire me, Amy!

Our mission is to go to Arizona to stop the machine from creating more Xborgs."Syd said "So for today's mission is that I am second-in-command and I am the second leader.

Sarah, over there is the Pink Samurai Ranger."Sarah said "Mia Watanabe."Mia said "Hello Sarah."Emma said "Sarah, where did Syd pick you up? I am the only Pink Ranger around here who isn't romantically involved with any Ranger."Sarah said "So Syd, why do you not date an SPD Red Ranger?

Power Rangers is inching closer to its release date, and with each passing day, we get a few more details about the film.

Since the film is based on the nostalgia-laden Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series from the ‘90s, fans have been wondering if any of the old rangers from the original series might make an appearance in the film. Thanks to the release of the film's production notes from Lionsgate, we now know that 2 original Power Rangers will be appearing in the new film.

I'm looking for Sarah Thompson, Ninja Steel Pink Ranger."Sarah said "How do you know me? Sarah you must go with Syd because Pink Rangers are required on the mission."Sarah said "Ok Brody.