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\ Works by Edith Wharton (1862-1937) Edith Wharton's stories with original dates of publication. She also identifies a group of terra-cotta sculptures as being from the sixteenth-century school of the Robbias, rather than a work of the seventeenth century. "Full Circle" (Scribner's, 1909) "All Souls." Scribner's Magazine 45 (Jan. For more information on Edith Wharton's life and work, consult these or other sources, from which the information on this page has been derived: Benstock, Shari. Edith Wharton, An Extraordinary Life: An Illustrated Biography Lee, Hermione. Her essay chronicling the discovery is published in Scribners ("A Tuscan Shrine," [January 1895]).3 December. 1909): 22-23.(poem) "Ogrin the Hermit." Atlantic Monthly 104 (Dec. Artemis to Actaeon and Other Verse (Scribner's)21 October. Fighting France from Dunquerque to Belforte (Scribner's) "Battle Sleep." Century Magazine 90 (Sept. Entraînée par Annie Barabé, Sophie Richard et Yvan Desjardins à l'aréna Yvan-Cournoyer à Drummondville, ses chorégraphies sont faites par David Wilson, son chorégraphe depuis ses tout-débuts en compétition.

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Verses, a collection of her poems, is privately printed; her mother pays for the printing. "A Failure" Atlantic Monthly 45 (April 1880): 464-65. They later purchase the house next door, 882, as a residence for their servants. "Botticelli's Madonna in the Louvre." Scribner's Magazine 9 (Jan. Botticelli's Madonna In The Louvre "The Sonnet."Century Magazine 43 (Nov. The Sonnet "The Tomb of Ilaria Giunigi."Scribner's Magazine 9 (Feb. Manstey's View," Scribner's (July 1891)Travel through Tuscany.

At about this time, her portrait is painted by Edward Harrison May. "The Parting Day" (MOA) "Patience"Atlantic Monthly 45 (April 1880): 548-49. The Whartons return to New York City, purchasing a townhouse on Fourth Avenue and 78th Street, later 884 Park Avenue. Teddy Wharton's father, William Craig Wharton, commits suicide at Mc Lean Hospital after suffering from "melancholia" for some years, a disease (now called bipolar disorder) that will plague TW in later years.

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